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I have been happily married for 40 years. My husband retired from GM after working there for 36 years. He is now working part-time at a local GM dealership as a shuttle driver. It is the perfect job for him. He doesn't mind driving and for sure he doesn't mind talking. I have enjoyed rubber stamping for about 10 years. I can tell you that I do not do scrapbooking just cardmaking. I love it. I retired from the University of Michigan in 1997 after working there for 30 years. Most of the time I worked in the Mathematics Dept. At this point, you can say I wonder how she liked it. My mom told me if I couldn't say something nice to someone don't say anything at all. I will comply and not go into a huge dissertation about how awful my bosses were during that period. I did like my office mate, Dee Hudock. We worked very well together. I can also say for the most part I liked the professors. I have two grown children and 3 grandchildren. I am totally addicted to FB and all the games I play there.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Today is Michigan football day. They are ahead in the first quarter 7 - 0 (Penn State). We did a little grocery shopping this morning. I guess that is necessary if you want to eat.

I actually made a cake today. It has been a long time since I baked anything. It will be time to get supper soon.

I have an earache. I have had it on and off for a week or so. I can tolerate it though. I am worried about my DH. His leg pain seems to be increasing. He can hardly walk. He doesn't complain though. He mowed the back yard when I wanted to ask our son to help out. He just won't ask for help.

I need to get an anniversary card made and get started on the family calendars. I keep putting it off. I really don't have anything else to say today.

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